Archives for October 2009


It’s finally fall here in the Emerald City, and after setting record temperatures this summer, it’s a welcome change.


I LOVE fall. Fall means hot apple cider and pumpkins and pumpkin-flavored donuts and pumpkin lattes and finally getting to wear peacoats.

Fall also means the last time we’ll have to do yard work until the spring. I love yard work and I’ll miss it so.

And if you believe that I’ll tell you another one.


But my favorite part of fall? Our gorgeous dogwood when it sheds its leaves.

My least favorite part of fall?


You guessed it. And boy oh boy do I have a lot of leaves to rake this time of year. 4 deciduous trees+1 yard in October=1 tired gal.


Fortunately, it was a gorgeous sunny day and I was able to snap a few photos.



Two yard waste bins, three blisters and two cups of coffee later, I’m done.


Also, I saved a few leaves. Look for them in a DIY project later this week.

Happy autumn!