etsy anthology: holiday banners

The holidays are a month away.

Wait, let me repeat that, in case you didn’t hear me.

The holidays are a month away. One month.

I don’t know about you, but in the flurry that is the few weeks in between Thanksgiving and Christmas, I look sort of like a cross between Cruella de Ville and the Grinch. Gifts to pick, buy and wrap, endless parties (for which I always offer to cook something, like a complete overachiever), cards to get out, relatives in town, 100 puppies to steal–you know, that sort of thing.

It all leaves me with very little energy to do what most people look forward to the most: decorating the house.

You see, normally this would be my thing. You would think that I would deck out the house, and the halls, for every major holiday and Flag Day to boot. You would think that I would love doing junk like that.

But I don’t. These days I can’t justify overhauling my entire mantle only to have to re-do it in a few weeks. I abhor the thought of stringing lights along my gutters and hanging a wreath on my front door. It all feels like too much work.

I am officially the laziest person on the planet.

So when I stumbled across one of this cute-as-pie holiday banners on etsy a few days ago, I had a revelation: I could just hang one of those. Poof. Holiday decorating done.


See? I could do that. This vintage-y beauty is from Jane Says (have you seen my wig around…). She’s got a killer shop and tons of cute Christmas stuff. I love the shape of the mittens–very 50’s. She’s also got a holiday giveaway coming up on her blog.


Here’s another throwback with the scalloped edges. I love the lime green–unexpected for Christmas and gives it a kitschy feel (in a good way). Abigail’s Hope Designs makes this fun little guy (and she’s offering a 10% shop discount if you mention me in a purchase note!) .


Oh, gingerbread men. You are so cute and delicious. This felt banner is made by Bee Love Lee, and she’s got a ton of pretty felt garlands in her shop. I would love this strung on my mantle, but it would also look fabulous on a tree.


Okay, it’s not quite a holiday banner. But I would hang this gorgeous vintage banner by Corrieberry Pie (who also makes stunning jewlery, by the way) in my house starting at Christmas and probably never take it down.


This pretty-as-a-picture candy cane Noel banner is made by the whimsical folks over at Monkey Moo Moo. I adore that it’s made out of card stock: simple and classic.


And finally, what post would be complete without polka-dotted owls? These fun little guys (and gals) are made by I Sew Lucky. I love this banner not only because it’s cute as all get-out, but also because owls have nothing to do with the holidays. It’s never been done before, and I dig originality, my friends.

Happy etsy-ing, and happy (month till the) holidays!



  1. Sooo cute! I have that picture from the Dreamy Giraffe in the first picture. LOVE her work! Thank you for including my banner in this group of cuteness!

  2. I am tickled that you chose to include my mittens banner…thank you so much !!!

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