day 10: loukoumades with honey orange sauce

It’s day 10 and here’s the sitch:

1) My crazy great aunt keeps calling for computer advice.

2) I spent 2 hours at Target today, most of which was spent entering and leaving the parking garage.

3) Jillian Michaels has it out for me. I swear she watches me through the workout dvd.

4) I had no appetite for dinner today. I only want doughnuts.

5) I deep fried a bunch of junk over the weekend.

6) I’m going to share that deep fried junk with you.

These little beauties pictured above are loukoumades–little Greek morsels of fried dough. Traditionally they’re served with honey and cinnamon, but this recipe suggests a sweet orange sauce.

Don’t be scared of deep-frying, my darlings. Anyone with a fire extinguisher can do it.

They’re easy as pie. Let’s go.

Grab some flour, 1 packet of active dry yeast, cinnamon and salt.

You’ll also need honey, two oranges, one eggie, Crisco (or canola oil, for frying), canola oil or veggie oil (not pictured) and 1 1/4 cups warm water.

Get your standing mixer prepped with the paddle attachment.


Pour the warm water into the bowl and add the packet of active dry yeast. Give it a mix and let the yeast dissolve.

Grate a teaspoon or so of orange rind…

…and add it to the yeast mixture.

Also add one tablespoon of canola oil…

…half a teaspoon of salt…

…and the egg. Beat at medium speed until the whole shebang is nicely combined.

Mix in about 3 cups of flour (13.5 ounces, or 3 cups lightly spooned) until a dough forms.

Cover and let rise in a warm place for one hour.

Meanwhile, let’s make the sauce.

Grate another teaspoon of orange rind, throw it in a saucepan, and juice the two oranges over the top.

Add one cup of honey, a teaspoon and a half of cinnamon and toss that pan on the stove over low heat. Stir occasionally and heat until the honey has dissolved. Remove from heat, or keep on low until you’re ready to serve.

How’s the dough? Looks good to me.

Carefully drop the dough by the teaspoon into 375° oil (or shortening, as I used). Place a candy or deep-fry thermometer in the oil to help you maintain the temperature. Flip those suckers over once the underside is golden, or about 2 minutes per side.

Drain ’em on paper towels and prepare yourself for deep-fried goodness.

While those are draining, I’d like you to take a minute and take a peek at the photo of these in the original recipe. They look golden and crusty, and perfectly shaped, right?

Now let’s meet my loukoumades.

Meet Crab Claw, one of loukoumades’ crazy cousins. He’s armed and ready for pinchin.

Here’s Roasted Turkey loukoumade. Someone should tell him he’s a little late for Thanksgiving.

And finally we have Fried Prawn loukoumade. He took a wrong turn somewhere near Red Lobster.

When we were ready to eat, the whole gang joined us for a swim in the honey orange sauce.

And boy did they enjoy it.


In all seriousness, these things were purdy tasty.

Next time, though, I’d do a few things differently:

1) I’d skip the sauce and serve them with plain ‘ol honey and cinnamon. The sauce was good, it was just a little too orangey for me.

2) I’d use oil instead of shortening. I used shortening because I had some other delicious treats to fry that required it, but I think it made the loukoumades too dense.

3) I wouldn’t get freaked out by how fast they cooked and take them out too soon. I judged by color and not by time. There is nothing worse than something burned in hot oil, and I got scared and yanked ’em out of there.

But overall, I would definitely make these little darlings again. Second time’s a charm in the baking world.

Happy 10th Day of Bakemas!


See the full recipe from Cooking Light right here.

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