momofuku pork buns

If you’ve been following me the last few days, you know that I began the week making pork belly and took almost an entire day to make steamed buns. I also celebrated my daughters first birthday and, moments ago, watched her take her first steps. It’s been a week!

And what better way to cap it off than by eating the mother of all meals: Momofuku pork buns. Worth the days of prep and the hours of cooking? How do you say HECK YES in Momofuku?

I’ll show you how to put these little lovelies together and make Chang’s recommended accouterment: quick pickled cucumbers. Ready?

Grab a cucumber. Chang recommends Kirby’s (pickling cucumbers) which aren’t in season right now. So I used a regular one.

Slice thinly.

There are few veggies I love more than cucumber. And cucumber water on a hot summer day? Perfection.

Sprinkle with 1 tablespoon sugar mixed with one tablespoon kosher salt…

…and mix together. Cover and refrigerate for at least 15 minutes or up to…whenever. I found that they only got better as the days went by. Chang says that if they taste too strong you can rinse and pat dry.

To assemble, re-steam the buns for a minute to re-heat and pan-fry slices of pork belly to warm. Spread a little hoisin sauce on the inside of the bun and…

…melt. Just melt.

There have been few things that I have made from a cookbook that have tasted this amazing. The pork is rich with a touch of sweetness, the cucumbers crisp and salty, the buns soft and sweet, and the hoisin tied it all together with a pretty hoisin bow.

I encourage you, nay, I plead you: make these soon. The pork is super easy, and the buns you can buy at a local asian grocer instead of taking all day to make them. Husband, who is not one to go ga-ga over food without a dang good reason, called these things “one of the best things I have ever eaten.” And he’s a tougher critic than I am.

Have a fantastic weekend! I’m off to scribble down my little walker’s feats in her baby book.



  1. These look delicious! I will definitely try making these! If they are half as good as your Cuban Pork recipe, I’m sure they will be great. Love your photos too!

  2. YUM!!!


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