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new season, new look

Since spring is finally here, and not faking us out this time, we’re doing some housekeeping here at RDG: sweeping out the cobwebs, mopping the floors and getting rid of an old, smelly blog design.

You’ve already noticed by now that we’ve got a brand new look. It’s a work in progress, so thanks for your patience while we get it up and running properly. We’ve still got several tweaks, twirks (yeah, it’s a word) and fine-tuning to do to get it just the way we want it.

And by “we” have work to do, I mean Husband, a.k.a. the one who knows how to code and keep his wife in blogging bliss. What can I say? I love nerdy types. He also knows how to toss a bear just right.

Have a fantastic spring day and stay tuned for some gorgeous recipes this week, including a pie perfect for the new sunny season.



  1. Looks AWESOME!!! Hooray for photos!! & Dave. :)

  2. Ooooh, fancy! It looks great. Nicely done, Team RDG. :)

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