Hi. I’m Jenny.

I live in London, though I was born and raised in Seattle. I’m a writer, a mum, a cook, a (former) teacher, and the creator of this blog.

That's Me!














I have one deaf ear and one ear that hears too much. I can’t stand loud (or really any) noises. You can read all about my awesome hearing issues here if you like. But that’s neither hear nor there. Ah ha ha ha! I made a pun. It’s probably around this point that you’re going to stop reading my about page.

This is Lucy.

Photo by Katie Blanch Photography

Photo by Katie Blanch Photography















Lucy is five and dreams of horses. Morning, noon, and night. Horses. Dollar signs flash through my head.

This is Charlie.

Photo by Katie Blanch Photography - http://katieblanch.com

Photo by Katie Blanch Photography – http://katieblanch.com















Charlie is three. Don’t let her dreamy looks fool you. She is the boss. That’s why we call her Charles in Charge.

This is my husband Dave.

Photo by Katie Blanch Photography - http://katieblanch.com

Photo by Katie Blanch Photography – http://katieblanch.com
















He’s my editor. My taste tester. My best friend and the most incredible father. Plus he’s pretty darn cute. Don’t you just want to give his cheeks a little pinch?


Photo by Katie Blanch Photography















We’re one fearsome foursome. We like challenges and adventures; food, fun and long afternoons reading on the couch.

I grew up in Seattle as a curious cook who would craft rock-hard cinnamon rolls for my obliging parents; they ate every last bite and lived to tell about it. I also developed a passion for writing when I was young and wrote funny, likely horrible short stories, poems, and a misguided (and illustrated!) novel at the age of 12. My love for the written word later carried me through a bachelor’s degree in creative writing and a master’s degree in teaching English, all the while working on the side in the restaurant industry.

Teaching never gave me the do-gooder satisfaction that I thought it would. But serving delicious food at the restaurant? Baking pies and simmering stock? That’s where the world made sense. So when I found myself years later as a stay-at-home mom, cooking everyday and inventing new recipes, I decided that it was finally time to put my dual loves of food and writing together into one creative outlet.

Rainy Day Gal surrounds my cooking endeavors, our adventures as ex-pats in London and beyond, my mis-steps as a mother and everything in between. I adore this blog. It’s a labor of love (and dirty dishes, and late nights), and I can’t imagine my life without it.

If you’d like to contact me, shoot me an email at  t h e j e n n y m i l l e r * a t * g m a i l * d o t * c o m , or just leave me a comment and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. I love, love, love hearing from readers. It makes my day. And week. And month.

Thank you for browsing RDG. I hope you’ll be back!

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Whew. I hate being mean. I love y’all. xo