loving: best baby gifts

We’ve all got someone with a little tyke in our lives. And unless you’re a parent, gifting for little ones can often be daunting.

You don’t want to get something age-innapropriate (Leggos for a toddler), destructive (toy hammers or whiffle ball bats), annoying for parents (a dolly that pees, spits up and says “Dada” a million times a day), or boring (socks).

So what to get for those little ones that will please parents and baby? I’ve got some ideas for ya.


A Prince Lionheart Wheely-Bug, perhaps? This is pretty much the coolest walking/rolling/riding toy ever. The stripey part has a nice padded seat, the little antennae go boing, and the wheels rotate in any direction. Plus, it’s low enough to the ground that if the little guy (or gal) falls, it won’t be anything worth crying over.

The best part? It’s really flippin cute. Plus, it comes in two sizes (small and large) and other animal forms: a mouse, ladybug, and cow. This thing is well-made too. Even the Duggar’s 19 kids would be no match for this little bug.


Music is always a toss-up for little ones. Either it’s impossible for adults to listen to without having some kind of seizure, or it’s just plain boring. But Caspar Babypant‘s Here I Am is an album for kids and grownups alike. Imagine if Ben Gibbard, Jack Johnson and Guster got together and made a musical love child (no pun intended. Okay, maybe a tiny pun intended). That is the loveliness that is Mr. Babypants. Kids of all ages will groove to these cute and catchy tunes, and their parents will not want to throw the disc out the car window after repeated listening.


Alright. This one is really more for parents than for kiddos. But the little lovelies will be nice and cuddly warm in this gorgeous sleep sack by Halo. Lucy practically lives in these things year-round. The fabric is super-soft, the zipper is easy to use, and you can wash the dang thing over and over again and it still looks brand new. This is sure to please any parent, and keep babes big and small warm and happy.


Speaking of warm…these beauties will keep the child in your life nice and toasty, even on the coldest of winter days. Smartwool makes this cute cap and mitten set for kids of all sizes. The knit is super soft, just like their socks (and if you haven’t tried Smartwool socks, by the way, you haven’t lived), so it’s comfy for baby’s head. The mittens (gasp!) stay on, even after much tugging, biting and pulling. It comes in a variety of colors and patterns too, so pick your favorite for little guys or little gals.


I have to admit, some noisy toys are not at all bad. And Leap Frog’s My Pal Violet falls into that category. She’s cute, cuddly, and programmable. Yup. You can hook her up to your computer to customize what music she plays, what questions she asks your kid, and you can even have her say your kiddo’s name. I was at first terrified by the prospect of a stuffed toy saying Lucy’s name, but it’s actually quite cute. The music is soothing, and best of all, it has an off button (see bottom right paw), to prevent any creepy middle-of-the-night noisemaking.


Okay. So maybe this one is a little more for the grown-ups as well. But who could resist this pretty orange feeding set by Boon? As any parent knows, anything that makes feeding easier or cleaner is a must-have. The genius bowl has a suction cup bottom and an extended lip to catch all of those spoon-to-mouth dribbles. The sippy cup is easy to grab, and the utensils are soft and flexible. Plus, it’s puuurdy. Unlike most feeding-related products.


And finally, no child’s book collection would be complete without an edition of this classic. This time, The Velveteen Rabbit is back in a gorgeous new hardcover edition. It’s bee-youtiful, something that the little one will still cherish when they’re no longer little, and such a touching story.

Now get going. Spoil that little one rotten. Scoot! Or, you know, just click on the links.

Happy baby shopping!